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What is the nature of quantitative methodology? What types of measurements are best explored using quantitative methodology? Why? Based on your initial readings in Chapter 1 of the course textbook, how is this different from qualitative methodology? Explain.

Stevie response

Hello Class,

I apologize for the delay, will not happen again. The methodology is the study of methods and techniques for conducting research, there are four components that can be used ontology, epistemology, axiology, and methodology (Greenberger,2021). There are also levels of measurement for the variables such as ordinal, interval, and ratio. When reading Chapter 1 there are some differences from qualitative methodology, quantitative methodology focuses more on deductive methodology whereas qualitative focus more on observations, interviews, and focus groups. Qualitative methods do not involve measurement or statistics. Many times, qualitative methods are looked at as less scientific. Quantitative methodology is more subjective, I have done research both quantitative and qualitative I would say that I had much more flexibility within my research when I was using a qualitative approach because I did not have to use much statistical information.

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The quantitative methodology foundation bases itself on numerical measurements and statistics (Greenberger, 2021). Medical or scientific fields use quantitative methodology most often. One would engage in this method for the measurable data it provides. This statistical methodology does not include personal values or bias and should be limited to ensure the results are sound conclusions (Greenberger, 2021). The measurement forms in quantitative and qualitative research vary. Quantitative uses nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio as measurement forms (Greenberger, 2021). The data comes from answers stemming from close-ended or multiple-choice questions from surveys, polls, and questionnaires. The measurements in quantitative methodology make it creditable.

The qualitative methodology does not include a vast sample size like quantitative research. The research for qualitative research is flexible, purposeful, and has real-life experiences. Each method has a point and is used for a specific reason. The problem, purpose, and research will determine the one suited for the research. Both of the methodologys’ have a purpose in today’s research world.

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