Create a Persuasive Request, Informal Proposal, and Formal Report for Professional Salon Suites Bus.

The business will be on opening a building with Professional Salon Suites for Cosmetologists, Barbers, Estheticians, Massage Therapists, Makeup Artists, Eyelash Extensions Specialists, and anyone looking to find a location to run their business in the beauty/spa/cosmetic world. Some key things that will be in the building that will set us aside from other salon suites are: Professional Photography Studio, Space for larger classes, Professional Beauty Supply Store, Laundry Room, Lunch Room for the Renters, Cafe, and a room designed for Bridal events.

Things that each Salon Suite will include:

-The building will be designed in such a way that there will be many Salon Suite with windows for an extra price on their rent

-There will be rooms with a balcony/outside area for an extra price on their rent

-There will be rooms with no windows for a standard price

-The recess lighting will be the type that is natural lighting

-Floors will be stainproof

-Each suite will contain their own AC unit

-Each suite will be designed to the renters interest, providing their own funiture

-Each renter will have the luxury to a cleaning service weekly for a small price

-Each Salon Suite will have their own key pad for their rooms and with that code have access to shop at the Professional Beauty Supply Store In-House

-The Professional Photography Studio will be open to all and rented out on an hourly rate; Professional in-house Salon Suite Renters will get a discount

-Cafe will be open to all

-Space for larger classes will be open to all and rented out by hourly/daily rates.

-Renters will have access to their rooms 24/7; business hours rely on them

You will create the below business communications materials related to your business idea.

  1. Persuasive request email summarizing project and requesting funds
  2. Informal Proposal outlining financial aspects of the project
  3. Formal Report outlining business

You will be asked to present to your investors the business and outcomes in a business presentation. The presentations should consist of various presentations tools (ie: powerpoint, videos, live demonstrations, etc), and all group members must appear in the final presentation.

Please see below for grading and components:

Writing Samples (listed above) 50 pts

Final presentation 25 pts

Group Evaluations 25 pts

Total 100 pts

1. Persuasive request email summarizing project and requesting funds

Pick an investor and write a persuasive email to his/her that includes all necessary components of a persuasive message and contains the following content:

  • Introduction of who you are
  • Introduction of your business
  • Request for funds for your business
  • Summary

Ensure it is persuasive.

2. Informal Proposal

Your investor has received your persuasive email and is intrigued. S/he requests that you send her/him an informal proposal outlining specifics of the business. Please describe your business needs including:

  • Background and Goals
  • Proposed Plans to launch your business like:
  • Authorization
  • Business Plan Schedule/Timeline
  • Staffing Requirements
  • Budget

3. Formal Report outlining business

Great news! All your hard work has paid off. Your investor will be investing in your company…on one condition. S/he will need to see a formal business plan. This will be a formal report and will need to include:

  • Cover Page
  • Letter of Transmittal
  • Table of Contents (List of Figures)
  • Executive Summary
  • Problem
  • Background
  • Discussion of Findings
    • Schedule
    • Costs
    • Benefits
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Works Cited
  • Figures (including tables, charts, graphs, illustrations that help support your information and claims)

This will require research, critical thinking, and creativity.


Please outline the business to your investors. Please provide a 10 minute presentation.

Be creative, concise, and informative. Most of all, have fun.

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