matter which specialization you may be pursuing during your MED
program, mastering basic instructional design principles will ensure a
solid specialization foundation. During this first individual project
for the course, you will research instructional design models and
prepare an APA formatted paper that defines methods and tools of
instructional design, compares and contrasts design models, and
discusses the placement and importance of learner assessment and program
evaluation. At a minimum, your final paper should:

Discuss the phases of the ADDIE model.Discuss Gagne’s Theory of Instruction model and the connection of Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction within the model.Define
Bloom’s Taxonomy, and explain the connection between Bloom’s Taxonomy
verbs and the Analysis Phase of design models. Explain the connection
between Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs and learner assessment.Compare and Contrast Bloom’s Taxonomy against Gagne’s A Taxonomy of Learning Outcomes.Provide examples of designed elements that might reflect Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction within instructional design.Explain
how the use of an instructional design model might ensure that
societal, cultural, and diversity needs are included in an instructional
event.Discuss program evaluation and how it differs from
learner assessment. Be sure to explain how instructional design models
ensure that both critical elements are included during the design

Descriptions, discussions, and analyses must be your own and may not
have been used in any other class. The paper should use APA manuscript
format. It will need an appropriately formatted title page and running
headers, an abstract, and body headings. It should be written in the
third-person voice, using Times New Roman, size 12 font, and should be
double-spaced with correct margins. Please refer to your APA 6th edition
manual for details.

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