English review comparison essay

  • Using either Opposing Viewpoints or US Major Dailies (formerly National Newspapers Core), find an article that reviews a movie, product, book, or other item that you have been interested in purchasing.
  • Once you find a review through the library’s databases, search for a review of the same item on the Internet. The Google search engine is recommended. If the item you are searching for has more than one word, use quotation marks to help narrow the search: “Battlefield Earth” review.
  • Read both reviews carefully, taking notes on their similarities and differences in tone (the voice they convey to the reader), content (the level of detail provided), and overall usefulness (whether or not you found the resource useful and why).
  • In 2-3 paragraphs, compare and contrast your database source with your Web source. Make sure to describe each source (where you found it, what it discusses), and use specific examples to discuss the tone, content, and usefulness.
  • Make sure to cite your sources using MLA style.

The reviews that I would like to compare is for the Apple Watch Series 3

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