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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

This is the tale of Harry Potter, who remains to be an ordinary boy staying with his uncle and aunt serving as slave after realization that he is a wizard. His parents died in a road crash and he later realized that they were wizards and they were killed by the evil wizards. Therefore, in the essay, there will be comprehending Harry Potter as the hero of Archetype.


1. Ordinary World: Initially, Harry was living with Mr. And Mrs. Dursley, his aunt and uncle. The question being raised was what really happened to his parents? In his ordinary life he was missing his parents and had to live a miserable life with people who really hated him. He was missing the happy childhood that every kid that lived with their parents had. For a long time Harry was also missing the knowledge of his true identity; a wizard.

2. Call to Adventure: One day when the mail came, and Harry saw a letter for him. Mr. Dusrley wouldn’t let Harry open the letter. After that their house flooded with letters from Hogwarts. To get away from the letters Harry and the Dursleys went to a shack next to the ocean and stayed there during a storm to get away from whoever was sending those letters. During the night, the second the clock struck 12 and it was Harrys birthday, Hagrid, the groups keeper at Hogwarts, came told him about his past and uttered one of the most famous phrases of all time “Harry — yer a wizard” (Rowling 50). He told him the story of how he defeated Voldemort when he was a baby, and that

Voldemort killed his parents. All this time Harry was told that his parents died in a car crash. Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but then was convinced that in was in fact true. After being told he was a wizard, Harry and Hagrid went to Diagon Alley, where Hagrid bought him his school supplies. This is where Harry meets Mr. Ollivander a wand maker. While choosing his wand Mr. Ollivander said “The wand chooses the wizard… after all, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named did great things —— terrible, yes, but great” (Rowling 85).

3. The Reluctant Hero: When Harry Potter was just a little baby, his father and mother where killed by an evil wizard named Voldemort (He- Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named). After killing Lily and James Potter Voldemort tried to kill Harry, he couldn’t. The killing curse he used on Harry backfired on him which left Harry with his scar and Voldemort with no physical body. By trying to kill Harry, Voldemort put part of himself into Harry which would

Later become a disadvantage for Voldemort. Although Harry Potter was a little baby, without knowing he had practically defeated the most powerful and wicked wizard of all time.

4. Wise Old Person: In the first book of Harry Potter, Hagrid is the first one to tell him about the wizarding world. He is the one that gets him his school supplies. Hagrid helps and guides Harry when passing the threshold from the Muggle world to the magical world. He tells him important information about Voldemort. He also gives important information about the sorceress stone to Harry’s friends when they were trying to figure out how to reach it.


5. Special World: Harry had now discovered that he is not an ordinary boy but actually a wizard. He got his first glimpse of the wizarding world when he went to Diagon Alley. There he learns things about wizards and is fascinated by the new world he never knew about that he has just entered. He started to truly commit to learning the art of wizardry and learning more about himself and the wizarding world.

6. Enemies and Alliances: Throughout the book Harry makes quite a few friends and foes. To get to Hogwarts Harry must ride in the Hogwarts express, which is where he met a boy named Ronald Weasley and a girl Hermione Grander, which throughout the series becomes Harry’s closest friends. Although he makes friends he also makes an enemy, Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy offered him his friendship but Harry denied leaving Draco a little angry. Throughout the quest, Harry doesn’t not have much help from an adult, which leads him having to depend on his friends instead.

7. Innermost Cave: Harry and his friends discover a trap door guarded by a three headed dog Fluffy, which holds what Harry really wants, the Sorcerer’s Stone. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have to pass obstacles that require wizardry skills and wits that are put there by specific teachers, that whoever wants to get to the sorcerer’s stone must pass. Each of the obstacles had somehow corresponded with the talents of either Harry, Hermione, or Ron. For example, the chess game was really easy for Ron given that he is really good at chess, and Hermione didn’t have much trouble with the riddle since she has read many literary works and has memorized many ancient tomes.

8. Supreme Ordeal: After passing through the obstacles that lead to the sorcerer’s stone, he had temporarily lost his friends, and he was headed straight towards Voldemort. He was all alone, without the help of his friends, or the guidance of Dumbledore. He had to face the biggest obstacle, Voldemort, all alone. Since Voldemort did not have a physical body, he used the back Mr. Quirrell’s head and used his body to try to catch the sorcerer’s stone. When Mr. Quirrell was telling the story of how he met Voldemort he said “There is no good or evil, there is only power, and those too week to seek it” (Rowling 291). During his fight with Mr. Quirrell and Voldemort, Harry was tested both physically and mentally, but Harry succeeds and Voldemort disappears until the next book.

9. Seizing the Sword: Harry’s reward was that the sorcerer’s stone was now in good hands and not with Voldemort, who would have used it to cause great destruction. He also defeated Voldemort but not for long. Harry later finds out that Voldemort was slowly gaining more power and would eventually be less vulnerable and no longer lacking a physical body, but become more powerful than ever before.


10. The Road Back: Harry had finished his first year at Hogwarts. After his school year was over at the temporarily said good bye to his friends, and when from the wizarding world back to the ordinary Muggle world, and back to living with the Dursleys. Through his journey of the wizarding world, Harry has learned new things, and has gained a different perspective of the world, and of himself.

11. Resurrection: When Harry wakes up at the hospital, having barley survived the fight with Voldemort, which was his resurrection. When he was in the hospital he had talked to Dumbledore about how the sorcerer’s stone was destroyed and Nicholas Flamel who the sorcerer’s stone kept immortal, will now die. This is when Dumbledore said that “To the well-organized mind, death is the next great adventure” (Rowling 297). Having faced Voldemort and experiences many challenges and obstacles, he has now gained experience. He now has an idea of how powerful Voldemort is and how difficult it will be to defeat him.

12. Return with Elixir: In the book the elixir is that he has gained the knowledge of a different world out there, and not only the miserable life with the Dursleys. He now has bravery and determination that helps him cope with the Dursleys. He won’t be pushed around by Dudley as much sin e now he is intimidated by Harry. Now he has something to look forward to and finally something he can be happy about. And for a limited time he Voldemort was gone, giving harry enough time to strengthen his powers, learn new tricks and spells, and prepare himself for his next encounter with the Great lord Voldemort. In the end of the book, when Dumbledore was decided which house had won Dumbledore had said something really important “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friend ( Rowling 306).

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