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You have graduated college and have been offered an entry-level position at a corporation. The starting salary is $36,000 per year. You are a salaried employee and will get paid once a month, on the last day of the month. I feel certain that you will learn much from doing this assignment if you have never worked full time.

This assignment requires that you compute your net pay you will receive each month. You will need to figure out the MANDATORY federal deductions for your paycheck, (hint: FICA, Federal Withholding, and State Tax —IF APPLICABLE). Other company-related deductions are as follows:

  • Your company offers you a great health insurance package for you only at a cost to you of $200.00 per month.
  • Your company has an optional 401K-match program up to the $900 per year (this basically means that if you have at least $900 per year taken out of your paycheck your company will match dollar for dollar up to $900. After that, you can still contribute up to 5% of your pay but your company will not match anything beyond $900 per year).

You will have to make sure, depending upon where you are located, to know if you have a state income tax or not. Google anyone???

The second part of the assignment deals with cost of living. Do research and figure out the cost of living differences in the city you have been assigned and Florence. Big Hint: go to and you will receive some assistance. Another hint: look up COLA, or cost of living for your assigned city on the internet.

Again, only one report is needed per team and you will submit it via Canvas. A sample is provided below. PLEASE INCLUDE A COVER PAGE. You will need to list ONLY the team members who actually participated.

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