was the Revolutionary War inevitable?, writing homework help

In your opinion, was the Revolutionary War inevitable, or could Britain have avoided the loss of its American colonies?

You can (and should) use other sources (such as the internet, books, etc…) when researching the discussion posts. The textbook provides good background, but often does not cover the questions in enough detail!

Post your response of (minimum) 250 words in a neat, detailed, and thoughtful fashion. Your post must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS (no copying/pasting from the internet, etc.). Then respond to at least two other student posts in a meaningful way (a minimum of 50 words each). To receive credit, you must post your discussions by the due date! (Late posts will not be given credit). Please DO NOT wait until the due date to submit your main post. This doesn’t give your fellow students a fair chance to read/respond to it and points will be deducted if you do this!

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