Paper about Fascism in Italy

Write a 3-page (750-word) connection and response essay. Use quotations sparingly; cite appropriately. Please use Times New Roman font size 12, with 1-inch margins, and include a cover page.

You do not need to specifically “answer” these questions in your essay. This is not a comprehensive list of thoughts or questions, and does not need to be followed explicitly. BE CREATIVE AND WRITE YOUR OWN RESPONSES, AND MAKE YOUR OWN CONNECTIONS AS WELL.

  • Where do you see connections between Mazzini’s On Nationality and this work? Where do you see the development of Nationalism?
  • How much do the events of World War I directly affect the developments of the rise of Fascim in Italy? [i.e. Where do you see connections, or not]
  • Was Fascism inevitable? Why or why not? Could some other parliamentary path have presented itself as an alternative that Italy could have accepted in a rejection of Fascism?
  • For what reasons do Italians turn to, and then uphold and support a Fascist regime? Were these decisions reasonable? Why or why not? [i.e. give some evidences]
  • In what ways do we see Corporatism “answering” some of the needs or desires that various groups of Italians have advocated for?
  • How do we see the Fascist regime change over time? In what ways does it adjust government, message or ideas in order to maintain the support of the people, implement a plan or course of action, or follow the development of European politics?
    • Where do we see religion play into these events? What is the use of or rejection of religion?
    • What surprises you most about Fascism and/or Italy’s experience with Fascism? Why?

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