Article Presentation Instructions: Each student is required to use the Web, newspaper, journal, etc. to find one recent article that relates to any chapter in your textbook and make a 5-minute oral

Article Presentation Instructions: Each student is required to use the Web, newspaper, journal, etc. to find one recent article that relates to any chapter in your textbook and make a 5-minute oral presentation. You must cite your references. A PowerPoint presentation that will be incorporated into your oral presentation is due by Sunday, November 21st @ 11:59 PM via the designated Assignment Dropbox. Your presentation must address the following: 1. Summarize the article2. What was the problem/situation? What was the issue?3. Who was involved? What was their role and responsibilities?4. How was the problem addressed or resolved?5. How does the article relate to our textbook, concepts, theories, and practices?6. What did you learn from the article?Failure to turn in the PowerPoint and not present the oral portion of the project and/or submit an appropriately formatted video recording of your oral presentation will result in a zero (0) grade for the entire project. Presenting unoriginal work as one’s own (plagiarizing) will result in a zero grade for the entire project which is a letter grade of F. All written work in this course will pass through plagiarizing checking software to ensure the originality of work presented.

Article Presentation Instructions: Each student is required to use the Web, newspaper, journal, etc. to find one recent article that relates to any chapter in your textbook and make a 5-minute oral
Tomirys Guzman Man3301 UBER IS FINALLY REALIZING HR IS NOT ONLY FOR RECRUITING SAMPLE PRESENTATION THE PROBLEM in this case: the problem’ S Uber’s bad year! • Susan Fowler exposes uber’s unethical practices • Back to back scandals • Gender bias • Lack of HRM • Waymo sues Uber for theft • Kalanick fails as a leader • Illegal managerial activities SAMPLE PRESENTATION Human Resource Issues • Startup leaders are often less savvy when it comes to human capital. • Kalanick only looked at HR as a means to recruiting staff to support fast growth. • Only 20 HR business partners to cover over 6,000 employees • Regardless of illegal activity high producing managers were not disciplined or fired. SAMPLE PRESENTATION • Travis Kalanick: Former CEO • Susan Fowler: Former Engineer; Wrote blog exposing U ber’s unethical work environment, including sexual harassment & gender bias • Waymo : Formerly the Google self -driving car project; company suing Uber for property theft. • David Bonderman : Former member of Uber’s board; Made sexist comment at company meeting. Who was involved? SAMPLE PRESENTATION SAMPLE PRESENTATION How was the problem addressed or resolved? • They launched an investigation. • It has fired 20+ employees in the last few months for transgressions that included sexual harassment . • Travis Kalanick stepped down as CEO. • David Bonderman apologized and resigned from the board to help Uber fix its image. • Embarking on a sweeping reorganization to ensure that executives are more closely supervised by its board of directors. David Bonderman “Actually, what it shows is that it’s much more likely to be more talking,” Mr. Bonderman responded. Earlier in the day at an Uber staff meeting to discuss the company’s culture, Arianna Huffington, another board member, talked about how one woman on a board often leads to more women joining a board. SAMPLE PRESENTATION How does the article relate to HRM? “…. because a word from HR will be enough to nip things in the bud” • This article has everything to do with HRM and all of its concepts and theories and how Uber’s neglected them and overlooked unethical practices and created a toxic corporate culture. SAMPLE PRESENTATION What did I learn? I learned how vital Human Resource Management is to any company especially to such a hugely successful startup like Uber, and as future managers, I think its important we all take note of this so that HRM never becomes our downfall. SAMPLE PRESENTATION Work Cited • Boudreau, John. “Uber Is Finally Realizing HR Isn’t Just for Recruiting.” Harvard Business Review . N.p ., 08 Mar. 2017. Web. 08 July 2017 . • Friedman, Noah. “Travis Kalanick’s resignation as CEO of Uber comes after a firestorm of scandals.” Business Insider . Business Insider, 21 June 2017. Web. 08 July 2017. • Gould, Biz Carson and Skye. “Uber’s bad year: The stunning string of blows that upended the world’s most valuable startup.” Business Insider . Business Insider, 26 June 2017. Web. 08 July 2017. • Isaac, Mike, and Susan Chira . “David Bonderman Resigns From Uber Board After Sexist Remark.” The New York Times . The New York Times, 13 June 2017. Web. 08 July 2017 SAMPLE PRESENTATION
Article Presentation Instructions: Each student is required to use the Web, newspaper, journal, etc. to find one recent article that relates to any chapter in your textbook and make a 5-minute oral
7 NEW TRENDS TOP COMPANIES USE TO SEPARATE PERFORMANCE FROM COMPENSATION RAPHAEL AMAYA MAN 3301 – ARTICLE REVIEW SAMPLE PRESENTATION SUMMARY ARTICLE EXPLAINS WHY MORE AND MORE OF THE TOP COMPANIES IN NORTH AMERICA ARE MOVING AWAY FROM THE TRADITIONAL PERFORMANCE – BASED BONUSES INTO A CULTURE WHERE THE COMPANIES’ PRIORITIES ARE MORE FOCUSED ON LEARNING AND INNOVATION. SAMPLE PRESENTATION WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? • “A study by Willis Towers Watson found that only 20% of employers in North America actually believe merit pay is effective in driving high performance ” (Maier 2017) • Willis Towers Watson is a global multinational risk management, insurance brokerage and advisory company. Willis Towers Watson operates in more than 140 countries and has a workforce of more than 40,000 employees • Study found that money can actually demotivate employees from working at their peak performance by leading to a prioritization of rewards over learning and innovation SAMPLE PRESENTATION HOW IS THE PROBLEM BEING ADDRESSED? Companies are starting to implement 7 new trends to help separate performance from compensation SAMPLE PRESENTATION IMPLEMENTING CONSISTENT QUARTERLY REVIEWS AND LEAVING ONE ANNUAL REVIEW FOR COMPENSATION • Q uarterly reviews will continuously provide feedback to employees based on growth and development • A llows employee to see how they’ve improved at each quarterly check -in • A nnual compensation review is still inked to quarterly feedback but allows companies to shift their focus to growth and development SAMPLE PRESENTATION RATING – LESS SYSTEMS • More and more companies are switching to rating -less systems to avoid any potential bias during performance reviews • Without ratings how are these companies calculating compensation increases? SAMPLE PRESENTATION PERFORMANCE CALIBRATION MEETINGS & PEER REVIEWS • Calibration meetings include a group of managers who discuss the performance of each teammate. Together they come up with the best way to allocate pay and bonuses. Multiple perspectives allows for a more accurate allocation of pay. • Instead of depending on managers to make the majority of the decisions, some companies are basing pay solely on peer reviews and to avoid introducing ratings, employees are asked a series of questions for example : “ How much did this person grow over the past 3 months ?” or “ This person is your strongest team member. Explain why .” (Maier 2017) SAMPLE PRESENTATION OBJECTIVES AND KEY RESULTS (OKRS) • M ade famous by companies like Google, Intel, Adobe and LinkedIn. • Concept that allows employees to set their own goals. • Individual OKRs can be easily aligned with team and company objectives. • Employees regularly set their own OKRs with manager approval • Compensation decisions are made by assessing whether and how well employees reached their OKRs SAMPLE PRESENTATION PAY FOR FEEDBACK • Some companies are actually giving their employees monetary bonuses for feedback. • “Peer -to -peer is 35.7% more likely to have a positive impact on financial results than manager -only recognition.” And dramatically, “When companies spend 1% or more of payroll on recognition, 85% see a positive impact on engagement .” (Maier 2017) • The better and more continuous the feedback from the employee results in more compensation. SAMPLE PRESENTATION COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY • Some companies are rejecting individual based bonuses altogether in favor of transparency. • “For example, Buffer has come up with their own salary formula based on the person’s role, experience level and loyalty (years with the company). This essentially eliminates the compensation question altogether. In this type of system, everyone knows exactly where they stand and feedback can truly be focused solely on growth and development.” (Maier 2017) SAMPLE PRESENTATION KEY TAKEAWAYS / CONCLUSION • More than 80% of employers in North America feel that merit pay is not the most effective way to drive high performance. • Most important thing you can do for your company, is to find which system works best for them and their team. • You also need to make sure you communicate how and why the new system will work and make an immediate impact on the business to all managers and employees. SAMPLE PRESENTATION BIBLIOGRAPHY Maier, Steffen. “7 New Trends Top Companies Use to Separate Performance from Compensation.” Entrepreneur . N.p., 13 Feb. 2017. Web. 02 July 2017 . SAMPLE PRESENTATION

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