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Please respond to the following summary in 200 words,please provide thoughtful ,and educational insight on the summary.According to the author, Jake Sibley. The key to success in Music is to look ahead and figure what you ultimately want to be, spend time on your goals, interact musically with others, and to practice. Therefore, Jake gives a few tips on how to achieve success in Music. First, you need to set some goals and achievements to accomplish. For example, start taking some lessons if you are new to music, and/or if you are in a band, look for a paid project. Next, it is important to spend time on your dream, and to not waste money on it. Although, having really expensive equipment is nice, do not waste your money on that but spend your time practicing, learning, and achieving your goals that will lead you to better musicianship. Another key to success is to play with others. Music is an emotion that everyone feels and can relate to. Talk about it to others. Play with others. Make sure you are able to communicate and interact with others, musically. Last but not least, practice all the time. According to the author, if you can not play the music you put out there, then what is the point to all of it? The keys to Music Success are to look into the future and plan ahead, take time on your goals, play with others and practice a lot. Stay focused, don’t let anyone slow you down and and push to your goal.

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