Research paper on either Interesting Aspects About African American Milestones or Black History Milestones.

A. Thesis

B. Research Paper Annotated Bibliography

This should list and
describe a minimum of 10 primary and secondary sources, with specific
requirements detailed below, that you may use in your paper.

The annotated bibliography should involve a variety of
primary and secondary sources, including at least two primary sources and
articles from at least two academic journals; it should not include
encyclopedias (including Wikipedia), dictionaries, or non-professional websites. Each
annotation should include a full, properly formatted Chicago style citation,
1-2 paragraphs detailing the basic argument of the work, the type of evidence
used to prove the thesis, and an explanation of the value of the information to
your paper.

primary and secondary sources:
sources would be the words and deeds of Lincoln himself, and those of his
contemporaries—like Frederick Douglass—while secondary sources would be what
have been written about Lincoln based upon primary sources. The foundation of
the paper must be primary sources, with secondary sources being used to present
and/or support the thesis based on the work of other scholars.

Primary documents:
official records, letters, diaries, newspaper articles, photos, posters

: books, articles, and Web
sites about historical topics.

C. Research Paper

Finished paper should include a title page, endnotes
pages (if used) and bibliography (without annotations). This paper
will be 8-10 double-spaced pages (excluding the title page, endnotes
pages, and the bibliography), with one-inch margins, times new roman font
size 12, and either footnotes or endnotes (Chicago Style). Do
not use parenthetical notes.

Thesis Statement: Your paper will start with the thesis statement and
introduction which should be a well-developed paragraph.

of the Paper:
The finished paper will use
both primary and secondary sources to increase the plausibility of the clearly
stated, analytical thesis. It will be carefully structured, composed, and
proofread, with all required components included in the correct order.
You need a minimum of 7 sources to be eligible for a grade of C; 10
sources to be eligible for an A. Note the specific requirements for
primary and secondary sources.

The end of the paper should indicate what
conclusion you have come to after having researched and written about the
subject. It should also demonstrate how or why you have arrived at a particular

Bibliography: The works—both primary and secondary—that are used
in your paper should all be listed in your bibliography.

The final paper should be 8-10 double-spaced pages in
length, exclusive of title page and any endnote and bibliography pages. It
should be composed in Microsoft Word with one-inch margins on all sides, 10 or
12 pitch, and Times New Roman font. Check the Course Schedule for the due date.

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