Researching for five articles that talk about raising children between gays couples

You need to use one of the theories discussed and the artifact of your choice (could be family dinner, holiday rituals, etc.) You need to have at least 5 articles per group member (Six group members = 30 articles). The annotated bibliography should include the following: *Each entry should be ~1 page.

  1. Citation in APA at the top
  2. Summary of article
  3. Critique of article
  4. Any meaningful quotation for your project
  5. Keywords

*The Annotated Bib should be alphabetized and made to look like one document. You might want one of the group member’s jobs to be to edit and make them look alike.

As i mentioned before, i want it about raising children between gays couples, i want five reliable articles from reliable sources, preferably new dates articles.

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