what is the union theory of power

Reflections should be 2 pages, double spaced.

Workers represented by AFSCME local 3299 and UPTE-CWA local 9191 are striking on all UC campuses October 23-25. On October 24, in lieu of lecture, you will put your historical learning into present-day context by observing the picket line and or/demonstrations on campus.

Following your time at the picket line, write a reflective analysis of how the strike action reflects the union’s theory of power and change. Use the following questions to help you speak specifically about the strike, and to connect it to the course material

  • What are the strike participants doing? How are they moving and/or interacting with space? How are they interacting with each other? What sounds are present? Is there music? Shouting? Speeches? Conversations? What are the “keywords” used by participants?
  • What forms of unity/disunity among the participants do you see? What are the different manifestations of solidarity? Who is leading and following?
  • How is the strike shaping the public space? What sort of atmosphere is it creating, and how are non-strikers participating/interacting with the strike?
    1. Evaluation will be based on the following criteria:Engagement with Topic: The student has clearly observed the event in person, and given careful thought to the event’s meaning;Connection with Course Material: The student connects the strike observation with themes from course readings and/or lectures;Effective Writing: The student’s writing is clear and uses evidence effectively to make a point.

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