essay not less than 500-600 words due before 3pm tomorrow ! I will give you 15 hours on it

Choose something that you are genuinely curious about to spend some time researching (meaning, Googling and reading about… you do not need to do formal research on databases). Spend half of your time doing the research part (aprox. 25 minutes). And then write 500-600 words discussing the thing you are curious about and what information you found out. Also, include (copy & paste) ALL links from any articles/ websites that you found informational and useful. Only take aprox. 25 minutes (the other half of your time) on the writing portion.

This is NOT a formal essay and does not need to be beautifully and perfectly written. It is simply you spending time looking into something you are curious about and then writing about what information you found out, and any discoveries that came up that you found enlightening or interesting.

Examples: I’m curious about how people gain knowledge and wisdom. So, I might spend some time googling phrases like “gaining knowledge” “gaining wisdom” “different types of wisdom” “how do we gain wisdom?” Or… I’m curious about Norway, so I might spend some time looking into the art and culture and lifestyle and nature in Norway. Or… I’m curious about Kurdish culture, so I may spend some time learning about the Kurdish people’s history and present. Or… I’m curious about Japanese Maple trees, so I might spend some time learning about those and where they grow and what we know about where they come from and how best they grow and all the different types and colors?

It doesn’t have to be a super profound topic, but certainly can be (things that you have questions about might be a good place to begin).

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