Regions Bank’s new campaign “Making Banking Easier’, communications homework help

Regions Bank has it’s main offices in Alabama. To know more about Regions:…

Please focus on Regions Bank’s new campaign “Making Banking Easier’ (This is the gradual transition from traditional banking to digital banking).

This a professional report. Please follow recommendations for building an integrated issues management process from the Institute for Public Relations as a guide for formatting the final issues management assessment.

Must haves:

-Cover letter to pitch the proposal effectively.
-Ground your proposal with the appropriate strategic communication, reputation, and public relations materials and concepts
-Incorporate both conceptual and applied research to support your assertions
-Ground the message with a clear theoretical approach to message design.
-The entire report at least 10 pages (excluding the cover letter, executive summary, campaign samples, and references)
-Incorporate effective tables or figures to present key information.
-Include at least 2 samples of materials that would be disseminated as a result of the project
– Please include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources and an additional 3-5 quality professional, current events/news, or assessment resources should be included.

The book used for this class is Corporate Reputation Brand and Communication ISBN 978-0-273-72759-0

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