Week Discussion

Life After the Ice Bucket: Can the ALS Association Repeat Its Unexpected Viral Success?

Social Media has revolutionized the way that companies market themselves and how they reach their customers. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a great example. Click the PIN title above or the image below to view the article on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

  • Choose an exceptional Social Media Marketing Campaign that caught your attention (do not choose the Ice Bucket Challenge). If you are not active on social media, do some online research to find out which campaigns have made a big impact through Social Media. It does not have to be a non-profit. When choosing a Social Media Marketing Campaign to discuss, look past simple advertisements that you see in your feed or as a side post. Look for campaigns that really encouraged customers to share and participate in the campaign.
  • In your post, describe the campaign to your classmates and show why they were so successful and give examples of how they engaged customers through social media.

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