finance analysis

Build on my attachment. Please do not paste numbers but plug them in as a formula on excel. Everything should be included in the excel document

Please provide me a word document aside from the excel that explains all of your work and what does the numbers mean.

attached is a building tight narrative example. I need you to apply that to the excel sheet in a new tab.

Please be sure to include the authorities of the industry and how they affect the industry. How do the affect the company’s income statement or revenue or profit or growth.

I need you to do the 5 steps and clearly show them on the document. you can find them in the attachment.

For example:

step 1:……..

step 2: ………

step 3:………

step 4…….

step 5……..

as well as the chart that is in the attachment. Show where is Celgene in the chart and explain the stages.

Please build on top of these attachments and have them in one file under different tabs.

recognize associations in the industry and show 5 year growth (industry authority). Include URL please

develop insight: what Celgene is doing better than anyone else?

Get insight that helps you see how they are preforming.

please add industry authorities that affect or dictate things in the industry. I need you to also send a document that provides insights on the company on an outline (word doc) and in the excel sheet.

I need you to also provide a story on why income levels and revenues changed for all 3 companies. (on the word document and the excel sheet)

PS. I will be presenting this sheet. I have to know what the numbers mean, reflect, and how did you calculate them.

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