Help in week 6 forum 250+words

In our readings for this week we delve into a newly emerging concept: strategic counterintelligence. What is this concept? How might it be flawed? Should the US pursue the real creation of a discipline in strategic counterintelligence?

The readings for this week by Van Cleave and Harber give us a sense that counterintelligence is having a sort of renaissance in an age of cyber operations and unauthorized disclosures. Strategic counterintelligence is considers proactive efforts to counter the flow of vital national security data to enemy actors. As you consider the question above, keep these thoughts in mind and recognize each one can be taken a level deeper. For example, as we discuss strategic counterintelligence as a discipline, what are the workroles that might exist in this new world of digital operations?

Forum entries need to be submitted using an essay-type format. Students will cite the work in their forum and provide references. Forums need to have an introduction with thesis sentence, 2-3 supporting paragraphs, and conclusion. The conclusion needs to summarize your key points. 250+ words Chicago style

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