it is a discussion board post which needs to be done in 24 hours.

describe what VirusTotal is and the Cuckoo Sandbox. How do these two resources help cybersecurity personnel? What useful information can you acquire from each of these if you are working on network defense, incident response, or digital forensics?

In addition, I would like for you to download and run the following Windows tools from SysInternals: AutoRuns, TCPview, Process Explorer, and Sysmon, and TrendMicro’s HiJackThis!. What does each of these tools tell you about your computer? Did you discover anything you didn’t expect/did you remove anything based on your findings? How can they help in identifying and remediating malicious software running on endpoints? Who developed the tools? Are they still supported? Are there any online resources/guides/videos that are useful for helping detect and remove malicious software using these tools? Note: HiJack This! is not a malicious program. Failure to run it will result in a deduction in points for this posting.

As always, please provide citations when applicable.

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