Opportunities for Strategic Change, management homework help

Each question 150-200 words

Chapter 10;

  • How does a creative orientation support the analysis of business opportunities for strategic change?
  • How might an organizational culture manifest as reactive or creative?
  • What individual and organizational structures support a creative orientation?
  • Define, in your own words, what a “Creative Organization” is. Outline some of the key characteristics that make an organization creative. What are some of the benefits of being a creative organization. Using the criteria that you’ve developed, identify an organization that you feel is a creative company. Explain how you selected your organization and what makes it “creative”. Explain how being a creative organization has been advantageous to the organization you’ve identified.Use at least two external sources, appropriately referenced and cited per APA guidelines.

Chapter 11;

  • How do a clear purpose and vision support leaders in achieving strategic change?
  • How might you describe the culture of an organization with clear purpose and vision?
  • What structural elements might you expect in an organization pursuing strategic change successfully?


Anderson, R. J., & Adams, W. A. (2016). Mastering leadership: an integrated framework for breakthrough performance and extraordinary business results.

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