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Once during this course you will be asked to select a group of readings and prepare a discussion for your small group. To earn FULL points, you must: 1. Summarize the reading (think a long paragraph); 2. Create a list of 10, open-ended discussion questions that can fill ~ 20 minutes. 3. You also need to find a video clip showing an example of your topic in action. You need to put your discussion questions and a description of your video in D2L PRIOR to your day. (If you do not post to D2L prior, it will result in one point being deducted. If you choose not to post your materials at all, you will lose an additional point by the following day.) *These questions should be your creations, not taken from other sources, including classmates or friends. (and an example is in the attachments.) AND YOU CAN GO LESS THAN 10 QUESTIONS NO PROBS(seven will be great), and dont worry about the video part. there is an example in the attachments. The question will be on chapter 28-30 , the text book will be The nonverbal communication reader((third edtion)

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