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I’ve written part of the essay I need someone to complete it. Its not too hard. I will attach a file which will explain what this English essay is going to be about.

Essay One Guidelines

English 102, Oakton Community College

Your Essay’s Focus

Your first essay will be about a life changing event that you have experienced. This event should have happened further in the past than six months ago, and it shouldn’t have happened for longer than a month in duration.

The Interview You Will Conduct

You will conduct an interview with someone who can offer knowledgeable insight into your subject. That person could be the subject of your essay (if that’s possible), or it could be a professor, someone who works in the field in which your subject is a leader, etc. You could conduct the interview in person, over the phone, or via email.

You might discover that as you’re weaving the interview into your paper, you want to ask your interviewee some more questions. Approach that person for a follow-up interview so you can ask more questions and get better clarification on questions you might have asked in a first interview.

Your first draft will include 2-4 pages of writing.

Your first revision will include:

 first revision (3-5 pages), including two or more sources.

 bibliography

 formal outline

Your revision package will be stapled, and its components will include:

 final revision (4-6 pages), including three or more sources. Those sources will include the interview that you have conducted, as well as another source. You should use both primary and secondary sources in your writing.

 bibliography

 formal outline

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions as you continue working on your essay. Good luck!

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