Family and Community

PART 1: write report about

1. Location and Geography

2. Languge

3. Religion

4. Rate of Turkish immigration

5. Reason for the emigration

6. Regions with significant populations

7. Turkish food

8. Clouths

9. What you learned from this assignment about Turkish and what you take this multicultural report.


Multicultural ReportSpring 2018

Due Date May 16, 2018

All reports must be typed, 12-point font, double space.

I. Purposes

1. To provide the student with the opportunity to explore the diversity of cultures and communities in San Diego.

2. To expand one’s awareness of the uniqueness of each person/culture and the “bridge” of commonalities.

3. To gain knowledge in specific practices that influence a family’s participation and/or interaction in an early childhood setting (meeting families’ needs in the preschool).

4. To gather information about community resources that support families from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

II. Written Report:

Each group will organize his/her written report in the following order:

1. An introductory paragraph stating what cultural group in San Diego you have chosen to write about and why. Include information about how you did your research and where you found your materials. (group)

2. Summarize the information you gathered about your chosen culture, emphasizing facts you learned that will help others in the class to appreciate, understand, and value this culture. (group)

3. End with a paragraph sharing what you personally gained from this assignment. How has it changed your attitude, comfort level, sensitivity, or appreciation of diversity?(individual)

4. A bibliography of all materials, etc. Be very thorough: include all pertinent information about each source. When sharing information about the person you interviewed, use first name only, but do include age, profession, and family data. (group)

III. Required sources of information:

1. One community social club, agency, newsletter, support group, relief organization, museum, church, etc., that exists to provide support to the cultural/ethnic group you are learning about.

(United Way has a publication of community clubs and agencies. Balboa Park has the “International Houses”. Many cultural groups have a newsletter that can be found in front of grocery stores, etc. in a “local” neighborhood. Some local groups have websites or national groups may have local links. School districts often have information on specific ethnic/cultural groups. Even the phone book has listings that can be helpful.)

2. One interview with a person from the culture/ethnic group you are learning about. This person might be a neighbor, a parent in your preschool, a friend-of-a-friend, even a relative.

3. Two published sources of information, including books, magazines, journals, newspapers, websites. These should be from reliable sources and very current; nothing published before 2010 will be accepted.

Note: These are the minimum requirements. You may choose to use additional resources and materials.

Part I:

My name is:______________________________________________________________

The San Diego cultural group I researched is


Part II:

For each of the different cultural groups, answer the following questions:

1. This cultural group is:

2. The name of the students who researched this culture are:

3. The dish they brought to share that is representative of cultural preferences:

4. One important fact about this culture that will help me “build a bridge” is:

Part III:

Overall, the main learning I will take from this Multicultural Sharing Event is:

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