​Guided Response: Neurotransmitters

Guided Response: Respond substantively to a minimum of two of your classmate’s original posts that have identified neurotransmitters different than you. Each of your responses should address both the neurotransmitter/receptor system and neuroanatomical structures involved for either the drug of abuse or the neuropsychological disorder that your peer analyzed. In addition, please observe the following guidelines for all responses:

  • Provide a courteous and interactive learning environment.
  • Continue to monitor the discussion board and reply to anyone who has chosen to respond to your original post.
  • Your responses should address (at minimum) both the neurotransmitter and receptor system in their discussion, as well as the drug of abuse and/or the neurological or psychological disorder they assessed.
  • Your responses should demonstrate that you have read the existing replies on the board (in your response, mention information and viewpoints already expressed by existing responses to the same post).

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