(1) The media certainly does have an influence on the population. Our text discusses how the media and power of the media shape the awareness of voters. Media assists in keeping citizens aware of poli


The media certainly does have an influence on the population. Our text discusses how the media and power of the media shape the awareness of voters. Media assists in keeping citizens aware of policy making and the performance of those who affect policy making. Scandal is newsworthy (Ziyanak, 2020). Nevertheless, how the media presents the information to sway the population varies. In an article by Kim and Lee (2021), the issue of “new media” was researched to improve participation in politics. Social media has become an outlet of information with reduced cost at the sender end. The public can access information directly at any time convenient with little to no cost. The age of the Internet has changed our world regarding information gathering and production. Another author wrote about the new age of digital technologies. This technology has enabled the gap between “resource-poor” and “resource-rich” to narrow with greater access to information. However, the negative aspect has provided power allowing “political elites to tailor messages to specific groups and selectively target the individuals in these groups who have a high likelihood of responding to the message” (Kim, 2012, p.153).

Let us look at the scandal regarding the Hunter Biden computer. During election season for president, this scandal would have more than likely sunk Joe Biden’s attempt at the presidency. The New York Post came out with the story and posted on social media. Only conservative news outlets such as Fox, AON, and Newsmax talked about the story in truth. The more liberal news outlets such as The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS yelled blaspheme at the Russian collusion hoax which they curtailed as the source of “misinformation”. Anyone attempting to discuss the Hunter Biden’s computer went to Face Book jail or banned from Twitter. This is an example of the media swaying public opinion. Conservatives were not allowed a viewpoint of the situation if it did not meet the narrative of protecting Joe Biden for president. Fast forward a year and a half, not only is the computer real, but the extend of the information is far worse than previously attempted to be reported by conservative news outlets. This time the population is listening since The New York Times told everyone that the computer consisted of dangerous and possibly illegal actions. Since Joe Biden is now in the White House, the scandal can now be presented. Politics as influenced the media more and more with technology, which can be good and bad depending on which side of the aisle you sit on unfortunately.


I started researching something to write about and I came across this article about cigarettes. It was posted today online on CNN Business. The article discusses that Walmart has decided to pick certain stores that will no longer sell cigarettes. As of right now only 4 states are affected and they are California, Florida, Arkansas, and New Mexico (Meyersohn 2022).  Walmart is a massive retailer and for them to decide to slow down there sells of cigarettes is a decision they did not take lightly. I find it interesting how Walmart is deciding to go ahead with the decision to stop selling cigarettes in select stores. In 2019 they made decision to no longer sell e-cigarettes and to require tobacco buyers to be at least 21 years old (Meyersohn 2022). Walmart wants to be part of the solution of reducing the amount of tobacco that is consumed.

The Walmart story about them starting to downsize their sell of cigarettes seemed to be slanted towards the idea of cigarettes need to stopped being sold. The writers seemed to agree with Walmart and other retailers deciding to slow down or stop their cigarette sales. Now a days you rarely see advertisements for cigarettes, but what you do see is PSA’s about the dangers of smoking. The leading cause of deaths that can be prevented is the use of tobacco. When advertisements for smoking were allowed it directly correlated to an increase of youth smoking. (Choi 2016). Even though large retailers are deciding to limit the cigarette sales, cigarettes saw a rise in sales 2020. This was due to the COVID epidemic (Morrow 2021). The mainstream media is saying that the consumption of cigarettes is going down, but it is not. The increase in sales for 2020 show it is going up. I believe that more people are smoking to ease their nerves. They are just not chain smoking. This result is directly from being stuck in the house and working from home.


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