Case Study: Competency Modeling and Assessment Strategy for the Weston Family Practice Clinic

The new Office Manager will be responsible for overseeing the work of

the five clerks who are responsible for office support services such as

scheduling appointments, processing patients, requisitioning outside

tests, x-rays and lab work, completing paperwork, billing insurance

companies on behalf of patients, managing account receivable,

maintaining medical records, and filing. The Office Manager will report

to the chief physician, Dr. Emily Weston-Green, and will interact

regularly with the Supervisor of Nursing Services, and the other nurses

and physicians, as well as with administrative and health care personnel

in other medical offices and clinics.

As an outside advisor,

you have been asked to help the Weston Family Practice Clinic hire the

new Office Manager. Using the resources of your Scott and Reynolds

(2010) textbook, assigned journal articles, the O*Net website ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.), and at least three additional academic sources,

conduct a job analysis for the new Office Manager position and develop

an assessment strategy for evaluating the qualifications of potential

candidates for the position.

In a paper of at least 1750 – 2100

words (or 4 -5 pages) in length (excluding title, abstract, and

reference pages), address the following:

  1. Summarize the key knowledge, skills and abilities that you believe
    are required for this position, based on information from O*Net and
    other sources. (Note: you do not have to do an exhaustive job analysis
    or construct a full competency model.)
  2. Based on the critical knowledge, skills and abilities you have
    identified for the Office Manager position, outline an approach for
    assessing potential candidates for the position. Include in your
    assessment approach the use of at least two formal assessment instruments,
    as well as other assessment approaches you believe would be valid ways
    of determining performance capabilities of candidates.
  3. Support your approach by discussing the strategic link between
    competency modeling, assessment, and the organizational objectives of
    the Weston Family Practice Clinic.

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