DEBATE Rewrite: Stricter Gun Control in the United States: For or Against?

Can you look back at our chat to see some of the things I want in this rewrite. I will also share some of the discussion I had with the previous writer below. The intro and closing should be more profound and hit home to the reader. Can you fix the citations to match the Animal Testing Debate I have attached? This will lower my word count.

Here’s the debate – Stricter Gun Control in the United States: For or Against? 

Here’s everything I told the other writer:

The debate topic I have to write an argument on is “Stricter Gun Control in the United States: For or Against?” (get to 1000 words please, if you write more I can always cut later). I would like some fair perspective from both sides of the argument as I make my stance for one side and then destroy the counterargument.

I’m thinking of arguing against stricter laws but I also want to cover some perspective of the other side and prove with a mountain of strong points back by credible evident that my side is unquestionably best. I would also like some profound examples to be used that are recent. We know the people arguing for more gun laws will use the mass shootings recently in the last 5-10 years for their proof. We would need to use that proof as well but in our favor and why that really is not the issue.

The research, sources/references, and quotes should be extensive and credible.The narrative should be very concise. Make sure the intro and conclusion are even more profound than the body. Paint a vibrant picture that hits home. I am not an NRA hut just to point that out.

Example of the structure of paper I want. Do the in-text citations and reference list that exact same way please: Animal Testing FINAL.docx 

I just want you make sure to mention what many people like to bring up and that is gun laws in other countries. Tell why that does NOT work here in the United States. Talk about how crime stats reportedly going down too.

Mention the many shootings in Chicago and some recent mass shootings (Denver movie theater, Sikh Temple, Sandy Hook). Don’t be dismissive of violent crimes and events of crimes involving guns but tell a strong story of why I/we are against stricter gun laws. Maybe stricter gun laws is not the real solution to the problem. 

Also maybe an interesting comparison between New York state (strict laws) vs. Illinois (strict laws) and how that has affected both and what that might mean in this argument. I think New York’s stricter laws have played a role in helping to lower crime, but that obviously is not the case here in Illinois and Chicago which was just named the “crime capital of America.”

The narrative of this can be very smart and cutting edge, but also fair to the other side and the crime/violence issues while arguing against stricter gun laws.

I was just thinking discussions/arguments surround concealed carry laws and the purchase/use of automatic and semi-automatic weapons should be mentioned in this discussion. Of course the fact of weapons sold illegally in this country will have to be mentioned; also, the Second Amendment. I’m sure you know this already but they just what I was thinking about last night.

I’m feeling good about this topic and I hope it comes out as cutting edge, smart, and profound as I am thinking about it in my head. It is a very hot topic but with all the murders and violence that will be mentioned it is an emotional issue as well. I don’t want to come off as an NRA propagandist but an American who feels compassion for all the violence in this country but wants to people to have the ability to protect themselves, their families, and their rights as a United States citizen. We know “the right to bear arms” means something different today than when it was originally written but that is because we live in a different world today and must apply those rights to the way we live and survive today.

Also, who’s to say implementing stricter gun laws on law abiding citizens will truly solve the issues of violent crimes in this country.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” – what do you think of this quote?

it’s not only laws that will solve the problems, the eventual result depends on the citizens.

will frame it well within the context.

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