Reading and answering chapter 2 fer

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There is to things to do for this assignment;

I’ll post reading pages and comprehension questions after you finish answering the questions there is a discussion question it has to be written in different document.

Read the following from Freire’s chapter 2. When you are finished, respond to the comprehension questions below the excerpt, respond to the discussion questions, and comment on another student’s response.


Comprehension Questions:

1) What does Freire mean when he says that educations is suffering from “narration sickness”?

2) What is the “banking” module of education? What aspects of it underpin Freire’s objections to it? In other words, what unfavorable outcomes result from banking education?

3) what does Freire mean that oppression is “necrophilic”?

4) What is liberating education? What are its goals and how does it achieve them?

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