Supply Chain Process Improvement Proposal

For this project you will be creating a Supply Chain Improvement Proposal. You will choose an actual company to research and develop a strategic supply chain improvement for the company you have chosen

Title Page

Part 1 (200–300 words)

Company Profile.

  • Introduce the company you have chosen for this project (choose a real company). Include a level-setting summary of the company that you have chosen to use as the subject of your Key Assignment.

Part 2 (400–500 words)

Supply Chain Management Flows.

  • Describe the following 3 flows within supply chain management in the organization you have selected:
    1. Information
    2. Financial
    3. Product or service
  • From your research, describe how you would improve the 3 flows for your chosen company.

Part 3 (400–500 words)

Organizations and Functions.

  • Describe and discuss the various organizations and functions within the supply chain.

Part 4 (400–500 words)

Third-Party Logistics (3PL).

  • Explain how 3PL services are used in your company and how these could be or are used to improve the supply chain for your chosen company.

Part 5 (400-500 words)

Relationships and Strategies.

  • Describe supply chain relationships, strategies, performance measures, and risk management.
  • Include recommendations in these areas for the company that you have chosen.

Part 6 (400–500 words)

Measurement and Management.

  • Describe how supply chain performance is measured, presenting the various measures used in each organization or function.

Part 7 (400–500 words)

Global Supply Chain.

  • Describe international trade and the supply chain role in globalization as it applies to the organization you have selected.
    • Share the company’s current process.
    • Provide recommendations for the company that you have chosen.

Part 8 (600 words)

Summary and Recommendations

  • Provide company findings for improvement initiatives supporting a responsive and efficient supply chain operation.
  • Describe how the supply chain sustainment elements of governance, environment, social, and economic (financial) can impact the supply chain performance of your selected company.

Part 9

Reference Section

  • Each part should have a minimum of 3 references properly sited
  • You may break each reference down by part for final section

Each bullet or number is its own detailed paragraph. Also provide an outline of work.

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