Your goal in Essay 2 is to offer a solution to your opponents

While defending your position on your topic, you will identify a solution to the problem or issue at hand. An argument, in which only your views are presented and supported, is not an argument, since an argument has opposing views.

The most typical strategy for integrating opponents points of view into an argument is to think of the argument as a reasoned discussion, where those with contrary views argue particular opposing “points” on an issue. Your job is to now include viewpoints contrary to your own and then respond to those points, either with agreement (concession) or disagreement (refutation).

Remember to identify the issue(s) in your thesis and explain why your issue(s) is important. You should also demonstrate your authority of your topic so that your reader is willing to agree with your research and interpretation of the topic.

To review additional information on opposing viewpoints and to view some student examples please see the below file:

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