Child Psy 2


1. You want to raise a child without gender segregation and gender stereotypes. To accomplish this goal you need to understand how gender develops so discuss two major theories about gender development. Based upon those two theories how would you attempt to have a more gender neutral parenting role?

2. Moral development is an important part of middle childhood. Discuss moral development according to Kohberg and how a parent would include moral development into good parenting? Discuss the stages and give an example for each child for a child ages 6 to 12.

3. What is emotional intelligence and how would you support this development in your child. How important are peers and siblings in this area of development?

4. Your teen is wanting a phone. How would you establish rules and regulations for phone use. Discuss how you would teach about risks of bullying, sexting, and other dangers with the access to social media and the wide range of videos available via the internet?

5. How would you instruct you child and teen about sexuality? How would you answer questions about sexual activity, pregnancy, STIs, and healthy relationships?

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