Country Report

Prepare a presentation about a country that you may choose. When you present, you should assume that you are making an oral presentation about country and your selected travel program to World Expo: Travel and Tourism Fairs. In the audience are individuals that may be interested in recruiting travelers to your package program. The audience is looking for you to provide one day travel program in that country. You should expect that your audience wants its information presented in a succinct and interesting fashion using any presentation software, Use PowerPoint.

Your presentation should include, but not restrict to, the following contents:

  • Important and relevant geographic, historical and political information. Recent economic performance and economic prospects.
  • Unique cultural characteristics.
  • Best attractions for the USA travelers.
  • Your grade will be determined by:

    1. the quality of your presentation: 50%

    2. the popularity of your program judged by the audience: 50%

    Note: I choose the Germany. In addition, I need a presentation.

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