Looking Out for Good Ol’ Number 1

Egoism tends to receive a bad reputation or negative connotation
because it is often confused with selfishness rather than the
preservation of self-interest. Ethical egoism is the view that morally
right actions are those that are in one’s own best interest. Since this
is a consequentialist theory, the outcome is the determining factor. If
the outcome is in the person’s best interest, then it is the morally
right thing to do.

For example, Molly’s friends want her to go watch a band play, but
she needs to do hours of homework because this is week two of the
quarter. Molly’s friends complain that they never see her anymore
because of her dedication to obtaining an education. If Molly neglects
her homework and goes out, her grades will suffer and she risks failing
the course. While she knows watching a band would be a lot more fun, she
knows this is a time where she needs to assert her own self-interest of
obtaining an education so that she can gain long term outcomes such as a
better job and career advancement. After she explains this to her
friends, they better understand why her schoolwork comes before social
activities. This is the difference between self-interest and

For this week’s discussion board, share a time like the example above
when you had to assert an egoist approach. What were the facts
surrounding the situation? Who were the other people involved (family,
friends, coworkers)? How did you explain why your decision was not
selfish, but rather in your own best interest?

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