Organizational Communication – Case study of Starbucks

Read the paper “Starbucks” and continue to finish the following questions. 600- 800 words.

  1. Financial statement

Include a simple summary financial statement to show sources of income, profit and loss and projections. The statement is not detailed since you do not have any actuals but enough to let us understand where the organization is and where it has been. The statement will allow the reader to understand the nature of the business, e.g. if the major sources of revenue are from consulting contracts vs. sales of cloud contracts, then we have useful information about where the business is and where it has been.

2. What are the ethical challenges or conflicts that members of the organization have faced in transition to 2030?

A. What kinds of crisis might have occurred that needed to be solved—intolerance, pandemics, terrorism?

B. What ethical challenges have occurred among the workers or the organization between those outside the organization?

3. Conclusion–summary of highlights of report—final opportunity to summarize report and impress the stack holders with major highlights and accomplishments.

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