​Select one of the following current issues and write an analysis of it.

Select one of the following current issues and write an analysis of it.

-The Trump immigration Executive Order.

-Evaluate the proposition that major corporations have taken over the U.S. government.


Be sure to include the following:

What are the fundamental issues? What is this about? Be sure to look again at the Constitution to determine if it says anything about your issue.

What are the sides? What companies, government agencies, press organizations (radio, TV, newspapers, websites, etc.) are actively involved?

What are the possible outcomes? Who will be affected by these outcomes?

What do you think is most likely to happen?

Use what you have learned in the course so far, but be clear that this will require additional research.

You may talk to each other and to anyone you wish. I encourage you to work with other students in the class. You may talk to me, but if you do, it will have to be in a way that will permit all of the students in the class to be aware of the conversation.

Your responses should be type-written, closely reasoned, complete, well-documented, double-spaced, and in good English. Use any of the forms in Turabian for the documentation.

Write approximately 800 words.

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