the five components of service quality

HW #7 Services as a Product

Read: Chapter 12 Services as Products

The Five Service Dimensions of Service Quality article

A service is a visit to doctors, restaurants, stores, movies, hotels or with someone coming to do work on your home.

Service providers enhance service delivery with tangible attributes, a clean and welcoming atmosphere or price benefits.

Services are produced and consumed at the same time, so marketers must work quickly, and they are more variable than products, though service providers attempt to reduce this variability as much as possible.

The five components of service quality are:

  • reliability
  • responsiveness
  • assurance
  • empathy
  • tangibles

The five components are detailed in the article and Slide 10 in Ch. 12 PPT.

Write in detail about your experience with a service,using each of the five components of service quality listed below.

Rate each of the five components on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

Last, give your experience an overall rating of the service.

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