the Primary Source Analysis Worksheet

A key development during the “second-wave” era was the emergence of enormous empires that faced challenges which were not present during first civilizations. Some of these challenges concerned sheer size, communication, diversity, tax collection, unity, etc.

Experimentation with different forms of government was more common during the “second-wave” empires in order to address the challenges they faced. You have three primary sources for this week that correlate to the three major philosophies that developed in China during the second-wave. What would be each philosophy’s suggestion for government? According to a Confucian philosopher, what would be the best form of government? What would be the best form of government according to a Daoist? What would be the best form of government according to a Legalist? Make specific references to your primary sources.

Remember to use the Primary Source Analysis Worksheet View in a new windowto help you navigate the primary sources.

– Use complete sentences, proper grammar, and appropriate language.

– Your original post should be a small paragraph which consists of 3-5 sentences.

– Posts that respond to other students may be more brief.

– Use examples to support your points.

– Cite the course readings you referenced for your response.

Please use the article file I uploaded to complete the answer and cite it also.

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