Behavior Change Models and Plan

Changing behaviors and habits is not an easy process. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses can help us determine what behaviors need to be changed. We can then prepare and set reasonable goals to improve our lifestyle.
Assignment Objectives
Apply one of the behavior change models and develop a plan to modify you own behavior.
Effectively write and communicate your findings to other students.
In the last discussion, you used the Healthy Lifestyle Self-Test to determine which area (nutrition, fitness, safety, drug/alcohol/tobacco use, etc. ) of your lifestyle would be the most beneficial for you to modify to improve your overall health.
In this discussion, you will focus on the area you selected. Select and apply a behavior change model to develop a plan to improve your habits/lifestyle within that area of health. Select a minimum of two behaviors you want to change which will help you toward your goal within the area you discussed. For example: The area I could improve is safety. The two behaviors I select to change are 1) to consistently wear my seat belt and 2) to keep my phone put away while driving
The resources below will be helpful:
Theories and Models Frequently Used in Health Promotion [PDF]Preview the document
Behavior Change Models
Myths of Behavior Change
Behavior Change- Start Small
For more details, you may look up the name of the model you select online. Your text in Chapter 1 and in the Student Workbook at the end of the book describe the “Stages of Change” Model.
Name and apply one of the behavior change models and summarize a plan to modify the two behaviors within the area you selected.
State what you think your greatest challenge(s) to changing each behavior will be?
How will you address these challenges in your plan?
Use the first line/Title to list the area of improvement. For example: Exercise/Fitness or Safety- then hit “enter” and start your post.

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