Complete 3 Discussions

discussion 1:

Please respond toEITHER of the following discussion topics and submit it to the discussion forum as a single post. Your initial post should be a minimum of 150 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers. Each reply should be 75-100 words. If you have not done so lately, please review the Rules of Discussion.

Population Clock

Question A:

Review the following statements and choose the one that best describes your feelings. Support the statement you choose by providing at least three reasons for your point of view.

  • In an effort to feed a population of over 7 billion, people in developed countries should reduce the amount of meat they consume.
  • Science and technology will ensure that food production and energy supplies keep up with the demands of a growing population.
  • Arable land should never be used for housing, businesses, or other non-agricultural uses – only for growing crops because we need all available, farmable land to produce food.
  • The Earth can support over 7 billion people now and will be able to support any number of humans in the future.
  • Governments in countries with fast-growing populations should make laws to limit the number of children that couples can have.

Question B:

The population is projected to reach 11 billion by 2100. Predict what will happen if we continue to grow at the current rate. Propose problems that would be caused by a larger population. Suggest some benefits of having more people.

Discussion 2:

Ethics in the Workplace

  • Identify and discuss the importance of ethics in the workplace.
  • What do you think the business world would be like without them? Why?

Discussion 3:

The Normal Probability Distribution

In §6.2 we are introduced to the Normal Probability Distribution and the special case of the Normal Probability Distribution, the Standard Normal Probability Distribution, which is a Normal Probability Distribution with mean (u) zero and variance (σ2) one.

One way to find probabilities from a Standard Normal Distribution is to use probability tables, which are located inside the front cover of your textbook.

  • According to the table, what is the probability when z ≤ -1.75? The probability when z ≤ 1.75?
  • What properties of probability distributions and specifically the Normal Probability Distribution do you notice from the two probabilities that you have found in the table?

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