philosophy 103 week 3 discussion 1 Creating an Inductively Strong argument

Week 3, Discussion 1 (prompt option #1): Creating an Inductively Strong argument

This week we are learning about the power of inductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning is not only extremely common, but it can also provide very good evidence for conclusions. This discussion prompt allows you to present an inductive version of the argument that you have been developing in this course.

Prepare: To prepare to write this discussion, read Chapters 5 and 6, focusing especially the section on “Strengthening Inductive Reasoning” in Chapter 5. Take a look as well at the required resources from this week, including the following:

[For those who would like there is a subtitle feature in YouTube videos. Click settings in the lower right corner of the video and then click “Subtitles/CC.” Next click “English (auto-generated).” You should now be able to view the video in subtitles.]

Reflect: Create a new (and improved) version of the argument that you have been developing throughout this course. Try to make sure that all of your premises are true and that your reasoning is inductively strong. Again, consider how someone with the opposite point of view might criticize your argument and see if you can improve it to avoid those objections.

Write: Present your argument in standard form and explain any weaknesses that might remain. A weakness could mean a premise that many might disagree with or questions about the strength of the inference. Indicate briefly how you might address those weaknesses to strengthen your argument further. What further information might strengthen your argument the most?

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