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For your essay, you will be writing a formal academic critique. When you write a critique, you are providing the reader with a detailed analysis or assessment of a piece of work. Formal critiques identify the author’s thesis or purpose and evaluate the author on his or her effectiveness in matching the purpose. In a well-developed and carefully constructed essay of 3-4 pages, you will analyze the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the following argument:

  • Andrew Russell’s “Whitey on Mars”

The purpose of this essay is to provide a thorough analysis of the chosen author’s work. The audience would be someone in the class or another college student; in other words, you are trying to show them how the author’s essay is either effective or not and why or why not. Focus on the effectiveness of the writer’s argument, not your own opinion on the subject matter.

A successful essay will:

  • Conform to APA guidelines
  • Include all elements of a formal critique (introduction, summary, evaluation, and conclusion)
  • Have a clear, well-developed, thought-provoking thesis
  • Be organized logically and coherently
  • Avoid using first- and second-person personal pronouns (I, you, me, we, us, etc.)
  • Demonstrate smooth transitions between paragraphs
  • Refrain from getting caught in the recap trap; make sure to offer your own original ideas. When utilizing other people’s ideas, be sure to properly cite and credit them!
  • Be relatively free of mechanical and grammatical errors

Additional requirements for research essays:

  • Your argument must be supported (use direct quotations/paraphrases with correct APA parenthetical citations from your chosen essay)
  • You must have an APA style reference page with one entry for your chosen article
  • Do not use a quotation over 40 words/three typed lines in length
  • Be objective – avoid biased and sexist language

FOLLOW the rubric and the slides and use the summery in the critique

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