HubSpot, case study assignment help

Please read
the case that provided to you on PDF file then and respond to the following
three questions

1. HubSpot
has begun to differentiate its products as it has learned more about its
customers. Should it do more? Should its pricing strategy change too? Does the
software-as-service (SaaS) pricing model work for both Marketer Marys and Owner
Ollies? Should HubSpot try to immediately capture more value for either of
these customers?

2. Are
Halligan and Shah being too stubborn by not doing any outbound marketing? Or
should they continue to practice what they preach by focusing on inbound
marketing alone?

3. Halligan
and Shah want HubSpot to be to marketing, what is to sales. What
would your plan of action to be to make that happen? Why would you take these
actions? What keeps you up at night about your plan?

This word should be done
on word file

Please write down
questions before respond to them

Proved your references
and no plagiarism

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