psychology- Do we have an “authentic self” or “multiple selves” Draw on ideas from Social Constructionist Theory

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Question: Do we have an “authentic self” or “multiple selves”? Draw on ideas from Social Constructionist Theory to develop and support an argument for either position. Use examples to support your argument.

Describe the difference between authentic and multiple selves – where do these terms originate from.

›Describe the key features of Social Constructionist theory – (there is no need to bring any other theories into this essay)

›Make an argument for whether you feel social constructionist theory of self aligns better with ideas that support an authentic or multiple self.

›Use examples throughout your argument

Essay Instructions

In your essay, critically evaluate the claims of the theory (theories) you are reviewing and arrive a conclusion about the topic you have chosen. Avoid merely providing a summary of the relevant theory (theories) – it is very important that you engage with the question.

The materials in your text book and assigned readings will provide a starting point for this assignment, but you will need to go beyond this material. Whilst an extensive review of the literature is not a requirement for this essay, you will need to support your claims. This may be achieved through a variety of sources, whether empirical, theoretical, or socially situated (practical).

We are most interested in your ability to show that you understand the theories and issues that you are discussing, and that you are able to critically evaluate claims and apply insights from theories of self and identity to the topic about which you are writing.

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Give your essay a title based on the essay question – (do not deviate from the essay question).

You may use subheadings to help with the organisation of your essay.

Please adhere to the 2000 word limit, content over the word limit will not be assessed.

The word limit and word count does NOT include the reference list.

Use 12 point Times New Roman font and double spacing.

Use APA 6 format for references.

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