Annotated Bibliography.. Have time!

Will provide 2 sources from my school, the other 3-4 sources I don’t have.

I wrote NOTHING! Have fun writing whatever you want on Gun Control!


Students will collect 5-6 sources based on a topic of interest, and compose an annotated bibliography.

Conducting proper academic research is a vital skill that students can apply to a variety of situations

beyond a writing class. These papers will be between 4-5 FULL pages in length. This project is worth

200 points.

The goal of this assignment is to get you to begin to think about how to conduct research and also how

to break down scholarly writing into more manageable sections for personal reference. For this

assignment, you can write on any topic you wish. With that in mind, make sure that you can find

research on your topic of choice. Think of this project as conducting research for a rather lengthy paper,

so make sure your topic is viable enough to support the amount of research you will need. If you have

any questions on your topic, please contact me and I’d be glad to give you some suggestions.


For this essay you will be required to compile

5-6 sources

for this project.

At least 2 of these sources

need to be academic

, but there is a preference for including as many academic sources as possible.

Bibliography must be in MLA format. Be sure to check grammar and citations throughout your


Assignment breakdown:

Introduction: .5 a page

Annotations: 3-4 pages

Conclusion: .5 a page


For your introduction, you should structure this as a more traditional essay. In this section of your

essay, you should let your readers know what exactly you are going to be researching, and what you

hope to learn from it. Like with every essay this semester, you should have a focus statement that lets

your readers know exactly what you are writing on, and why you are writing on this subject.


An annotation, in this sense, is just a brief summary of the article you have read. In your annotations

you should briefly summarize the article you have read, and highlight the key points of the article. In

your annotations, you want to use a scholarly style of voice.



you will not want to include your

personal opinion of the article, but instead an objective overview. Your annotations should consist of

two types of sources: academic sources, and popular sources.

Academic sources include books,

database articles, or academic websites (.edu). Popular sources are general websites (something you

googled), newspaper/magazine articles.


Like your introduction, your conclusion should function as it would in a more traditional essay. Use your

conclusion to reflect on your research, and let your readers know where you would go from here. What

kind of questions do you still have about your research? Did your research support your original ideas?

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