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Read the articles and answer all questions. Number each question. Answer all five (5) questions separately in as much detail as possible. Extensive use and visible reference to course theoretical content and case examples are expected and necessary for a satisfactory grade. An introduction and conclusion, however, are not required in this assignment. Just answer the questions,

assignment should be a maximum
of fourteen (14) typed pages including EVERYTHING (i.e.
bibliography, etc).The formatting
allowed is as follows:

·Font size:12 point

·Font style:Times

·Line Spacing:1.5

·Margins:1 inch
margins (or 2.54 cm margins)

every page of your assignment you should note your name,

student # and page #. This can be done under “Headers and

Footers.” (No title page is required.)

Required Article Readings:

1.“Goodwill closes stores across GTA due to ‘cash flow crisis’” CBC News. January 17, 2016.…

2.“16 Ontario Goodwill stores shut down”. The Star. January 17, 2016.…

3.“Goodwill to return to Toronto.” The Star. June 29, 2016.…

4.“Goodwill workers blast charity’s CEO over closures.” The Star. January 20, 2016.…

5.Goodwill closes stores across Southern Ontario due to cash flow crisis. The Globe and Mail. January 17, 2016.…

Questions: (80 marks)

1.Explain how the six external environment forces may have impacted Goodwill? (20 marks)

2.Explain what management philosophy (classical or behavioural) would be most suitable for Goodwill and why? (20 marks)

3.What business-level strategy would you recommend for Goodwill and why? (10 marks)

4.Was CEO Keiko Nakamura of Goodwill socially responsible? Answer this question using the four levels of CSR. (10 marks)

5.Was there “good governance” at Goodwill (south Ontario branch)? Explain why or why not. (20 marks)

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