Computer Science Question

I need 25-30 pages and 25-30 scholarly reference in these work, so please read the question properly before accepting the assignment main thing no plagiarism no plagiarism no plagiarism no plagiarism no plagiarism no plagiarism

I have previously submitted my chapter 2 draft 20 pages in continuation to it we need to write more 25-30 pages of the document and it should include 25 to 30 scholarly references. and no plagiarism and no repeated scholarly reference and make sure topic will enclosed once you accepted the assignment

I need two separate documents and you need to fix previously comments for the entire document

one document

1) New pages only, no title page or references pages. – your work (25-30 pages and 25-30 scholarly reference)

two documnent

2) the entire 25+ page document with title and references pages**

-total work(45-55 pages and 55-65 scholarly reference)

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