Critical Annotations ( three chapters)

– Please do each chapter alone

– Each chapter at least 5 points

Forming your own opinions and coming up with new ideas in response to your reading are very important parts of the reading process, but you need to learn how to produce these reactions. As you read, plan to record your notes on a separate piece of paper.


First, create two columns. Then, as you read, write the author’s main ideas on the left and your reactions to those ideas on the right side of the page. Be prepared to explain the connection between your notes and the material you’ve read.

Please note the following with regard to the completion and submission of the critical annotation assignments:

1. Each week’s annotations are to be submitted in ONE typed document with the chapters individually labeled and annotated and entries numbered.

2. Please review the example provided for the required format.

3. While there is no minimum number of annotations required, your work should reflect the content of the chapter.

4. Grammar is not specifically evaluated; however, if it is so poor that it impedes my ability to understand what you have written, it will impact your score. Please remember your task, in all written assignments, is to clearly articulate the relative facts and/or your thoughts as they relate to the subject at hand.

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