Epidemiology assignment

Select one chronic, non-communicable disease and one acute, communicable disease.

  • For the chronic, non-communicable disease, provide a model of causation that you think is the most appropriate fit. (Stroke)
  • For the acute, communicable disease, provide specifics in relation to the agent, host and environment. (Flu
  • Describe at least two primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies for each disease.
  • Describe the steps involved in investigating an infectious disease outbreak.

Your paper should be 1800-2000 words, double-spaced in APA Editorial Format, clearly dividing the sections (e.g., ‘introduction’, ‘problem statement’, ‘strategies’, ‘potential solution’, ‘conclusion’, etc.). Please use peer-reviewed journal articles, course materials and other credible sources to support your position. Please provide a reference list for all material cited and use proper APA formatting and citation for the references as well as the content of the paper.

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