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For this piece of the Literature Project, you will submit your thesis and map as a single 1-2 page Word document.

Note that instead of a formal outline, you will focus on constructing a formatted map of your project. This map will be a guide of how your paper will flow.

this is what a wrote on the 1st part.

Modernists Changes on Literature Content

The 20th century was a period characterized by the change across the entire world. There was enough evidence to indicate that a modern world was shaping up in terms of global conflicts, industrialization, and population growth in cities (Bell 17). The artistic movement of Modernism began because of these changes brought by the modern shape. This is to imply that as a stable and strong structure of the nation took shape, the literary writing began to provide a reflection of its citizen’s uncertainty. The creation of the modernism movement was contributed by disillusionment, psychology, materialism, money, death, war, fear, prosperity and growth.

The modernist changed the composition of a literature writing through initiating actions that broke out from the initial traditional norms of surrealism, Dadaism and futurism. The modernism achieved this through making literature look like anything, such as sentence containing 157 words. Moreover, the modernism introduced fragmentation and experimentation as writing point of view so as to create a style that is unique. Some stories created the modernist were self-reflective and thoughtful, while others were characterized by an alienation sense so that the changes in time were effective processed using differing ways. The aspect of experimentation was seen by readers with the pop culture inclusion in writing works, the introduced issues of race and the expression of gender roles. Furthermore, some stories by modernist indicated upper class and middle-class wealth, while others expressed the extend of rural life bleakness.

In conclusion, the modernism changed the tone of writing works by introducing the aspect of psychology. This implied that psychology became a subject with high popularity especially with the introduction of the aspect that human beings are godless hence challenging any belief, religion and faith that held the opinion that there are some supernatural powers on earth.

Works Cited

Bell, Michael. Literature, modernism and myth : belief and responsibility in the twentieth century. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997. Print.

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