Hindu Gods/Goddesses:

Prepare a document that’s equivalent to a 5-minute presentation. It should answer the following questions:

1. Which deity have you chosen?

2. What is their role in Hindu thought? Historically and today

3. What are the historic sources that tell us about this deity? (specific texts, archaeological finds, iconographical representations in Hinduism)

4. When do these sources date to?

5. Is there a particular geographical location/ time of the year, etc. that the deity is associated with?

6. Narrate a story associated with the deity, giving the primary source for the story. This may include a discussion of the deities powers, the mantras associated with them, the festivities dedicated to them, the kinds of worship and reasons for worship to the deity, and their iconographical representation.

7. Provide an image for the deity (and provide the provenance of the image = not random webpage)

8. Bibliography. Give the academic sources for your presentation (at least three sources that are scholarly, i.e., not Wikipedia or other internet source, not news articles*, etc.)

Make sure there’s no overlap with Jain or Buddhist gods.

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